Dinner July 09 2017

Well since i have just found out back in June i am pregnant and i have not been wanting to eat rice I have been so picky and I am SPANISH! What Latina don’t eat rice and beans? well for the next 4 months I wont. I cant stand it the things pregnancy do. But My craving is spicy and sour stuff so my husband cooked me Flanked Steak flavored with salt and pepper rolled up with spinach and mozzarella cheese my sides was corn broccoli with butter, garlic powder and fresh squeezed  lemon real simple.

IMG_0277 (1) I showed my husband how to do the meal a while back and he add his twist with adding jalapeno and red peepers on top and the flavor it gave WOW!!! it was to die for just the right amount of spice we backed the flanked on both sides 20 minutes on 350 degrees the peppers was added on the last 20 minutes on top. IMG_0278 (1)

I sprinkled more garlic in the inside i am a garlic freak. This is one of my favorite meals and i love the fact my husband helped me and added some of his type of flavor into the meal. a lot of things done together always comes out best.


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