Ok so I know today was basically a month since I’ve been on my diet with Lifevantage but now there is going to be pause for about 5 months on June 22 2017 I went to the hospital because I passed out. While doing blood work and waiting on the doctor the nurse comes in and said we have to do a sonogram so I move along and then I lay down and I hear a heart beat and my husband says ” is that a baby?!?!” In shock I was like stop playing?? To be exact I’m 19 weeks pregnant and I didn’t even know.. I clearly wasn’t trying to have a baby my goal was to lose weight get financially stable and buy a house then have a baby but I guess things happen and this is when birth controls decides to fail after you been on it for five years so it’s kind of strange.  But I guess our bodies changes as we get older and switch diets and stuff so I guess I’m gonna have to wait but honestly I feel like every time I start a diet and decide to lose weight I always end up pregnant no lies this is a constant cycle that always happens when I’m dedicated to a nice start losing weight boo!! im pregnant …


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